Showcase your business to a large and engaged boating audience


Do you have an event, service or product you want the audience to hear about? Emails and banners are a great way of exposing your message to our large and engaged audience. Here is a little more info on banner and email advertising, but for a more in depth overview, please download our brochure at the bottom of the page.

Emails to the database

We also enable businesses with relevant products, events or services to send their message to our large audience of boat enthusiasts who have opted-in to receive email offers.

You can completely tailor the email to your own brand, or alternatively you can fill one of our readymade product templates and feature within the email alongside other like-minded businesses.

We have a very experienced design team who can help make the messaging look smart. Deciding on subject lines and content is up to you but of course we are happy to offer our advice.

Our email database currently sits at 100,000 users, and consits of users who have placed an boat advert with us, or enquired about a boat on our site. Our database is ‘cleansed’ regularly, meaning we never e-mail users who haven’t opened our e-mails for 6 months, which ensures you will always be reaching a very active and engaged pool of users. On top of this, we can segment our database by the following criteria, to ensure you’re reaching the perfect people:

  • Country or city
  • Type of boat recently enquired about
  • Type of boat advertised for sale

Please download our brochure at the bottom to find out more about our email marketing possibilities.

Banners on

We offer a range of positions across where businesses like yours can promote your business.

Your message can appear either within the search results when our users are browsing for their next boat for example, or your message can appear to the side of the page and only show in certain categories.

Wherever you decide to position your brand’s message, you can be sure of a positive response from a very engaged and active pool of boat lovers who are generally looking to make a purchase.

You can link your banner advert to your very own website or a landing page of your choice and we can help you design it or you can provide us with your own- the choice is completely yours!

Download our brochure at the bottom and learn more about banner advertising on

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