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Website Design is Europe’s busiest online marketplace for those looking to buy and sell boats, trailers, engines or berths. Our team has over 17 years experience in the marine industry. We created the website solution Boatshop24 Infinity that offers you limitless opportunities for your business to advertise online. It’s our must-have solution for digital dominance, which has been created to save boat dealers time and effort, whilst maximising online exposure of your stock. We have a qualified team of expert web developers and designers dedicated to building professional, award-winning websites.

Infinity provides you with a beautiful website tailored to your business needs and a suite of tools that makes managing your business online easy and effective at the same time. Your website will be incredibly easy to manage and update, and any stock you want immediate exposure to, will benefit from being not only on your website, but and a number of our partners as well.

If you want to find out more what we can do for you, please download our brochure at the bottom or contact us on +44 1273 8377778.

Examples of Our Work

Website of Marina Broker:

Website of Boats and Jetski Sales:

Website of BHG Marine:

Essential Features We Offer

All our Infinity websites provide a great user-experience within. Your visitors will find what they are looking for within just a few clicks. Ensuring that your website is fully functional on mobile devices is one of the most important things to bear in mind. Not only is it vital for your customer’s user experience, but Google has also taken to punishing websites that are not mobile friendly. We automatically synchronise your ads between and your website so that you have to upload your adverts just once. You have complete control over the ongoing look of your website, content and stock, however, we can also give you all the guidance and support you need to optimise your website.

With an Infinity website, you’ll have the ability to analyse how your customers are using your website. Digital analysis of data is a huge part of online marketing and something that should not be ignored. All of our websites are attached to Google Analytics accounts, which allow you the chance to analyse many aspects of your website.





Brokerage Page Design

If you don’t want to change your whole website but only the way how your boats are presented, we have a solution for you. We can create just the brokerage page for you – the rest of your website stays the same. This solution is perfect for brokers who are currently satisfied with their website, but are displaying their stock using an iframe or whose stock pages are not attracting many visitors. Curious?

Who Can I Feed My Stock To?

We can upload your stock to third party advertisers in no time at all! Save yourself many hours of work in one click. We have automated data feeds that send your boats off to selected websites.

As well as having your stock appear on both your broker website and, our Infinity website solution has a number of high profile partners which we can automatically feed your ads to, if you wish. Website is the sister brand of and has 165,000 visits a month. For a reduced additional fee, Infinity customers can push their ads featured on here as well.
With over 400,000 visits a month is the ideal marketplace if you want to reach out to a large boating audience in the UK. For a reduced additional fee, Infinity customers can push their ads featured on here as well.
If you pay to advertise on the following 8 websites and you have an Infinity website with us, you can broadcast your stock to their website with ease. Plus, if there are any other classifieds sites you’d like to feed to, just ask and we’ll try our best to facilitate.

“Boatshop24 helps us organising our ads. We have our stock and statistics in one place.  The support is excellent. Questions are being answered immediately and problems are being solved quickly. We are fully satisfied. We as the bigget boat broker for sport boats in Northern Germany, fully trust on the competencies of Boatshop24 and are happy to have them as a partner.”

Marc Beiber

Graphic Designer, CBC Cityboats GmbH

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