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Banner and Email Campaigns

Target relevant customers. Receive a fantastic return on investment. Do you have an event, service or product you want the Boatshop24.com audience to hear about? Emails and banners are a great way of exposing your message to our large and engaged audience. Here is a little more info on banner and email advertising, but for a more in depth overview, please download our brochure at the bottom of the page.


Placement: Desktop only

Size: 970 x 250 pixels

Benefits: This large, high-impact banner is perfect

for building credible brand recognition and delivering

high click-through rates and conversions. The

billboard is located in a prime and prominent location

on desktop computers at the top of the screen.

Banner location: Top of the search result pages

Min CPM: €12


Placement: Desktop, tablet, mobile and automated


Size: 300 x 250 pixels

Benefits: Never miss an audience with an MPU! This

banner has the benefit of displaying on multiple

devices and even on automated emails that we send

to thousands of users every day.

Banner location: It will either appear on search

results pages, ad details, homepage or automated

emails depending on device and package

Min CPM: €8


Placement: Desktop only
Size: 1300 x 800 pixels
Benefits: This high-impact banner visually packs a
punch. Perfect for marketing an event or promotion.
It can work in short sharp bursts throughout a
weekend or over a couple of days in the week. This
banner is the premier product for high conversion.
Banner location: Search results and ad detail pages
Price: From €250 per day or weekend rates from €750


Placement: Desktop only

Size: 160 x 600 pixels per side

Benefits: Skyscraper banners are tall, prominent

banners that appear vertically down both sides of

the site. They are powerfully visual and can be used

cleverly to portray a message or tell a story across

the two banners on either side.

Banner location: Search results and ad details pages

Min CPM: €8


Placement: Desktop and tablet
Size: 728 x 90 pixels
Benefits: Leaderboard banners appear inbetween
adverts as people browse – the perfect place to
advertise your business. You have the power to
target your ideal audience by placing your banners
in specific categories that are most relevant to your
products or service.
Banner Location: Search results pages
Min CPM: £8

Native advertising

‘Native’ advertising is advertising that is seamlessly
integrated to follow the natural form and function
of Boats and Outboards’s site content; the ads look
and feel native to the site. That’s why native ads
perform highly for user engagement, giving you a
high return on investment.
We recommend running your native ads on a pay
per click basis, but we also offer a cpm (cost per
thousand impressions) option.
Standard: €7 – €10 cpm
Video: From €15 cpm

Why native advertising is the next big thing:

Native ads are strategically placed within the site’s
own content, where users are already looking,
to overcome the barrier of ad-blocking software
enabled by some users.
We control how your native ads look to ensure
that they fit in well with our site – both with how
they look and how they function – so that your ads
don’t appear as overt advertising, but seamlessly
integrate with our site.
Your native ads can be easily set up and changed at
any point, so you can update them with new offers
or promotions you may have.
• Test different headlines and content in your native
ads to see which get the best engagement to
optimise your advert’s performance. You can even
include video!
• Target your audience by category, location
and time.
• Receive a fully transparent analytical report, allowing
you to see where your traffic is coming from.

Emails to the Boatshop24.com database

We enable businesses with relevant products, events or services to send their message to our large audience of boat enthusiasts who have opted-in to receive email offers.

You can completely tailor the email to your own brand, or alternatively you can fill one of our readymade product templates and feature within the email alongside other like-minded businesses.

We have a very experienced design team who can help make the messaging look smart. Deciding on subject lines and content is up to you but of course we are happy to offer our advice.

Our email database currently sits at 100,000 users, and consists of users who have placed a boat advert with us, or enquired about a boat on our site. Our database is ‘cleansed’ regularly, meaning we never e-mail users who haven’t opened our e-mails for 6 months, which ensures you will always be reaching a very active and engaged pool of users. On top of this, we can segment our database by the following criteria, to ensure you’re reaching the perfect people:

  • Country or city
  • Type of boat recently enquired about
  • Type of boat advertised for sale

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